DIY TPMS TP200S with Silver External Sensor

  • DIY TPMS TP200S with Silver External Sensor

  • Model : TP200S
  • Class : Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Special :
    ★Four tires pressure value all shown together
    ★High/low pressure warning value is adjustable
    ★One key tire temperature query
    ★With USB charger socket


DIY TPMS TP200S with Silver External Sensor

Product Features

(1) Real time monitoring tire pressure and temperature.

(2) Display show pressure of all 4 tires on screen.

(3) Display show temperature of all 4 tires on screen by pressing button.

(4) Display show which tire is abnormal.

(5) Powerful function include low pressure, high pressure, leakage,

 high temperature alarm.

(6) Alarm with beep sound and display screen red light flashing.

(7) Sensor battery changeable.

(8) Display powered by vehicle battery.

Alarm Function

(1) Leakage alarm: The pressure decrease over 0.2Bar (3Psi) in 5 minutes

(2) Low pressure alarm:  The pressure is lower than 1.8Bar (26Psi)

(3) High Pressure Alarm: The pressure is higher than 3.2Bar (46Psi)

(4) High temperature alarm: The temperature of tire is over 65°C

(5) Low power of sensor alarm:  The power of any sensor is less than 2.2v

(6) No signal alarm: Missing some sensors’ message after it start to work

Operating Functions

(1) Set up sensor: learn new sensor ID code when replace sensor

(2) Pressure unit can be switched between Bar and Psi.

(3) High and low pressure alarm value can be adjusted by users

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